foto nosotrosWe are a pioneer in collecting waste from the brewing industry, helping the first national brewers to make responsible management of their byproducts.

L. Pernía is a family-owned company that has been involved since its creation in recycling processes and resource reuse. Our company is a pioneer in collecting byproducts of the brewing industry, helping the first national brewers to make a responsible management of their products.. 


The Early Years
During the Spanish Civil War, Lucio Pernia lived in Santander and went on to manage his own dairy. It was then that he realized the effectiveness of brewer’s spent grain as cattle feed, and began collecting it from local brewers. After the Civil War, in 1939, he moved to Madrid, and then founded his transportation company, at first, carrying all kinds of materials. Recalling its origin as a farmer, in addition to the properties of brewers’ spent grain as food for cows, he decided to bet on the transportation of BSG, having the brewery Hijos de C. Mahou as his first customer, located at Calle Amaniel, 29 , in Madrid.


L. Pernía Today
With over 80 years experience in the industry, L. Pernía S.A. has become a national leader in the collection and distribution of brewers’ spent grain, having collected more than 80,000 tons a year and serving over one hundred satisfied customers nationally and internationally. During these years, L. Pernía became a symbol of trust.




At L. Pernía we have 5 mainstays governing the processes of our company:

L. Pernía works tirelessly to build close ties of trust with all of its allies.

L. Pernía has positioned itself as national leader in the collection and distribution of BSG thanks to more than 80 years leading and innovating in this industry.

The well-being of our people and our environment is a priority for L. Pernia. Therefore, all operational processes -within and outside our company facilities- are carried out following strict safety protocols.

Our extensive expertise allows us to know our market thoroughly, experimenting with new technologies and discovering new ways to work with BSG.

Environmental Responsibility:
At L. Pernía we understand the importance of caring for our environment, therefore we always seek to implement sustainable processes, to keep the impact of our company on the environment as low as possible.