innovacion lpernia


At L. Pernía we understand the changing needs of our customers and partners. Therefore, we give priority to research and development to find new uses for Brewers Spent Grains, more efficient processes and more effective sustainability methods in treating the byproducts of the brewing industry.

L. Pernía is committed as company to be part of the solutions and not the problems faced by today's societies. Therefore we are committed to using technology and innovation to carry out our processes responsibly and sustainably, creating quality jobs without compromising our environment.

We use the latest and most awarded renewable technologies.
Brewers Spent Grains has always been collected from breweries and taken to farms, sometimes traveling long distances. Although we continue to provide this service to companies that require it, in recent years we have become aware of the environmental impact of our activities. We have invested heavily in R & D to develop the most eco-efficient BSG drying system in the world, managing to reduce CO 2 emissions of our activity by 75%. This allows us to offer a unique product: Dry Brewer’s Spent Grain.